Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trash or treasure?

My stash also contains far too many of the following sorts of things: frumpy frocks in fabulous fabrics, tired tablecloths, moth-bothered grey wool Scout blankets, superkitsch souvenir tea towels, bags bleeding their beads, dyed doilies, samplers with stitches missing, tatty-edged tapestries, half finished needlework abandoned by the maker in 1942, felted (and feltable) wool jerseys.....

Someone else may look at it and see a pile of trash. I look at it and see treasure waiting to be transformed someday into some stunning new thing, though I'll freely admit I've never made anything as truly marvellous as the Frederique Morrell trophy pictured above.

If your stash contains these sorts of oddball goodies too, and you want to sell them at Stash reHash, then that is fine.

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