Thursday, January 14, 2010

GST procrastination, again...

Some people never learn. Seems I am one of them. I should have finished my GST hours ago but instead I am mucking around and concocting mental dream-homes again.

First I wander over to the Christchurch Modern blog to see what is new, well old (surely that Jan 13th one is just some fake photoshop joke to see if anyone is awake. Eeww).

Then move on to Trademe - briefly because of all the horrid jumpy ads - and find an ex Abbatoir and and ex Army Hall ripe for refurbishment. Hmmm. I'll go with the Abbatoir.

It would need some new furnishings so I head over to Mr Mod for a chair, Duncan Sargent for some shelves and Workroom for coatstands. Shaping up nicely.

I'd go to Dilana for some rugs, Just Scandinavian for some Stig Lindberg and Josef Frank curtain fabric and Orla Kiely for a jumbo tapestry cushion (and 10 frocks, though I suspect they'd make me look like a 1960s air hostess). Swing back to NZ for a nice bunch of Ferrit's fancy flowers.

But what would I do in my Taihape dreamhome? Well I guess I could start with my GST return.

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  1. No that house isn't fake, I go past it when I'm running... it's quite real. I've always thought the water feature along the front was a bit odd. Especially since the house overlooks the river!