Saturday, February 6, 2010

Show your stash!

All over Interwebland people have posted photos of their fabric stashes and workspaces. Some are styley and amazing, some are embarrassing bombsites, some are just huge and some have such amazing fabrics they make me green with envy.

I never manage to keep my stash tidy and organised for long. Usually my fabrics are piled so high on my worktable that they resemble the lounge-mountain Richard Dreyfus made in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, only cleaner. If a visiting small child poked them we'd have to call in search and rescue to dig them out from the resulting avalanche.

But today I had a jolly big sort out as the first thing I'm selling on Trademe in preparation for moving is my "current projects" cabinet. If my fabrics are out of sight then I tend to forget about them so this cabinet has been great for reminding me of what I have on the go and inspiring what I intend to make next. Looks so cute I feel like keeping it! Just out of shot is my lounge-mountain with the other 99% of my fabric stash.

I'd love to see what your fabric stash and workspace look like. Fancy showing me?


  1. I've just put some pics up of mine a couple of days ago.

  2. Oh, It's good! So big, so tidy, so much fabric!