Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Destashing - Stash reHash fabric market

Many years ago my daughter ripped open a birthday present.  The gift was a fancy ceramic moneybox in the shape of an anthropomorphised strawberry, with ceramic hands suspended from the body on springs. On seeing the gift, her younger brother cried out excitedly, "Scott Arms! Scott Arms! Scott Arms!", and this then became the object's name.  Well actually that is just what I heard thanks my dodgy hearing.  My family know to check that I haven't misheard them if I get over-excited by something they've said, before I inadvertently go spreading a far more interesting - but untrue - version of events.  So just as I spent many happy years imagining a svelte, maybe anorexic or possibly worm-riddled man while singing "Nine stone cowboy" instead of "Rhinestone Cowboy", so all my son actually said was "It's got arms".

Well Stash reHash could be renamed Scott Legs.  I've had many people contact me to ask when the next one is going to be or how to run one in their town.  Arthritis NZ made $4,600 on their stall at the last market and I'm very pleased to say that they are going to take over running the whole event.  Today I met with Ange and Rowena from Arthritis NZ to hand it over. My meeting today was a bit like what I imagine it is like on the day you change the locks and boot your ShortFolk out to make their own way in the world. I handed over my original sewn poster, my sewn bunting, instructions on how to run the event, notes about the many things I've learned along the way and instructions on how to get hundreds of people to an event on an advertising budget equivalent to the cost of 14 blocks of butter. 

The first event they'll be running will be in Ashburton and it won't be too far way.  As soon as the date is finalised I'll let you know here.  I'm also setting them up a new blog space and when all that is ready, I'll link through to it from here. I thought about it (for 2 seconds) and decided that this blog is going to end when I move to Australia.

One of the main reasons I started Stash reHash fabric market was because I became tired of waiting for various things I've greatly enjoyed in other cities to happen in Christchurch.  Since moving here I've missed many, many things.  I miss far more than just walks in the bush and seeing native birds.  I miss the chance to see contemporary dance on a regular basis.  I miss seeing contemporary object art and textile art exhibitions like those I've enjoyed at ObjectSpace, TheNewDowse, Pataka and various other galleries.  I miss the sorts of contemporary craft markets I go to when visiting other cities. I really miss the sort of theatre shows I was used to going to at Bats Theatre in Wellington. 

Yes, I had a wee moan. Then I decided that moaning is a bad look and to do two things. 

Firstly I decided to view the lack of certain things happening here as an opportunity and to do something about the ones I was capable of doing something about. I planned to have a go at running a small, no-risk event (Stash reHash) with a view to running another larger, ongoing event. Well now I'm leaving but I reckon someone else will seize that particular opportunity.

Secondly, I decided to really make the most of local events I am interested in.  So I cyber-bully friends into coming with me to exhibitions, talks by artists and writers, Pecha Kucha,  concerts and shows. And after many years of thwarted attempts to see The Butler, I am finally going. If outside you see two children locked in a car and puking into buckets, just move along, nothing to see here, Scott Nothingtodowithme.


  1. I have been following your blog for a couple of months, I found it via a cabinet you were selling on trademe where you mentioned the Stash reHash Market. I haven't been to any of the markets but wish I had, they sound fantastic. I just wanted to say how entertaining your style of writing is, you have a real knack and your posts never fail to make me laugh :) All the best with selling your home, and with you big move. Well done for 'handing the market over', I hope they do it justice (not that I personally have anything to compare, but hopeyou know what I mean!) cheers, Karen

  2. Thanks Karen you are very kind. And hopefully you'll make it to the next market, or maybe even volunteer to help.