Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've made it

Sometimes I look back on the year and wonder where on earth the time has gone and what on earth I've been doing.  Today I had to destash some photos from the computer because it did a Mr Creosote and said the computerspeak version of "F*** off I'm full". 

I found photos of long departed miscellaneous goods made by me. There were handbags and tea towels...
and hottie covers...
notebooks and address books...
more brooches than you can poke a stick at...
keyrings, necklaces, and many more notebooks...
bunting, aprons, cushions, quilts and covers...
one mad doll...
and several sets of mental costumes.
There were reminders of a whole bunch of stuff I never photographed properly because I took it straight to markets, or never photographed at all because they were gifts or just stuff this household needed like curtains, hats, clothing and cushions.

Oh yes and two fabric markets.

Phew.  Think I've earned some couch time.  Lucky I haven't destashed it.


  1. Wow you were a busy lady and yes you do look like you deserve some couch time. Don't sell the couch yet, lol. What markets did you sell at - Riccarton? Others? I am thinking seriously about doing a stint at some markets this spring but I'd need alot more finished stock in reserve than I currently have now...I always have way too much in my to-do pile, so I have no worries about finding stuff to paint, just the time to do it!
    Have a great (relaxing!) day :)
    xx Karen

  2. Thanks Karen. I have a few issues with the regular markets in Christchurch and I wrote about it here http://stash-rehash.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-year-new-dreams-new-market.html
    The only ones I found worth doing were Craft2.0 (in Chch and Well), The Night Market and I would have been keen on the upcoming A Craft Affair. http://www.acraftaffair.co.nz/
    The Shabby Chic market is doing really well so could be an option too as it will restart in Spring.

  3. Thanks Deidre, I'll check those out. I did visit the Shabby Chic market in March and enjoyed being a customer, but thought the ground was too wobbly for balancing my large pieces of furniture as a stall holder, sadly!

  4. seriously spirograph!!!!! it makes my heart sing!!!

  5. My goodness me,Ms Talented!What wondrous things you have made,and what a productive time you have had!!!