Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Sweet Open Home



WARNING:  Property Investors and Landlords please leave now, click-as-you-can.  Nothing to see here.  Away you go.  Shoo!

You see, I'm finally there.  This weekend is our first open home and I am determined to find loving new owners for our dream-home.  By the weekend I'll hopefully be out of denial and ready to welcome visitors.  If you know someone looking for a new home who you think would like this style of house, then please pass it on.

Details are:
  • Trademe listing here.
  • 1950s Pascoe and Hall (designed by Humphrey Hall) modernist home.
  • Timeless, unique and fabulously functional design.
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 living, plus study.
  • Superbly sunny and private.
  • 932 sq m section planted in natives and with an extensive vegetable garden.
  • Double garage with internal access and auto garage door.
  • One bathroom and large separate laundry.
  • Micro-park across the road, Christchurch/Westminster Park 1 minute walk away and St Albans Park 5 mins walk away.
  • 35 mins walk to my old job in town in sensible shoes or 40 mins walk in dishy shoes.  Took 10 mins to cycle there before I sold my bike.
  • Warrington St shops, Shirley Road shopping centre, Edgeware shops and The Palms all in easy walking distance.
  • 43 Aylesford St which we say is in Mairehau, our neighbours on one side say is in Shirley and neighbours on the other side say is in St Albans (Sarah Palin would say "I can see Merivale from my house!).
We have absolutely loved living in this home and hope to find new owners who will too.  Now I need to go cheer myself up in the company of my friend Bunnahabhain and stitch myself an Open Home sign.


  1. ohhh lovely photos... Am spreading the word!!

  2. I love your home,Dierdre!If only I could buy it,innards & all!(But I already own one!!)
    Lovely to see you today!X

  3. Oh and you too! So funny how worlds collide. And if your gorgeous handbag collection mysteriously disappears, it wasn't me!

  4. http://megseb.blogspot.com/2010/05/too-awesome-tuesday.html

  5. Oh, so clean, so tidy! Where have you hidden the children?

  6. Last Open homes this weekend. Then the children will be allowed out of their cupboards.