Friday, August 28, 2009

How do I book a stall at Stash reHash?

A full stall is a whole 2.4m long trestle table. Quite a lot of fabric can be displayed on a full table! A half stall is just half a trestle table. Tables are provided.

You are welcome to bring along whatever display system you want to use on your stall whether it is shelves, baskets, rummage boxes etc. If you have your own display system and don't want to use the table provided then that is fine too. You will just be allocated an equivalent area to set up however you like.

If you have a shop, website or business you are of course welcome to advertise this on your stall. Doors will open in plenty of time on the day of the market for you to set up your stall. All stalls will be indoors. Access to the venue for unloading your goods is excellent.

There will not be an entry charge for shoppers.Stall bookings are made on a first booked and paid, first confirmed system. There are obviously a limited number of stalls available because of the venue size. You are welcome to book as many stalls as you like.

If you have questions or are interested in booking a stall at Stash reHash please email me at and I'll send you full details and pricing information.

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