Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What will be for sale at Stash reHash?

Primarily fabrics will be for sale at Stash reHash but if you are keen to shift any other textile craft materials, tools or miscellaneous crafty things then they’d be welcome as well.

Hopefully we’ll see any or all of the following goods for sale:
  • fabric, textiles, material,

  • from patch-workable scraps to remnants to rolls,

  • used and unused, old and new, bargains to treasures,

  • notions, buttons, buckles, beads, trims, threads, cottons, elastic, fringing, braid, tassels, sequins, zips, clasps, handles, cord,

  • yarn, wool, knitting, crochet,

  • supplies for embroidery, cross-stitch, patchwork, quilting, tapestry, tatting, doilies,

  • many styles of fabric including vintage, retro, contemporary, kitsch, cool, shabby chic, collectable, kiwiana, deco, victorian, modernist, designer,

  • for many uses including dressmaking, upholstery, curtains,

  • from many sources including personal stashes, shop surplus, manufacturer’s ends, printer’s samples,

  • many types of fabric including felt, lace, candlewick, linen, silk, brocade, screen-printed, haberdashery, wool, barkcloth, velvet, chiffon, seersucker, cotton, leather, fur, crimplene!

  • many handy things including needles, pins, thimbles, hooks, counters, measuring tapes, sewing boxes, dummies, mannequins, interfacing, stiffening, wadding, stuffing,

  • some inspiration and help in the form of patterns, books, magazines, kits,

  • and some unfinished projects needing an enthusiastic new owner.

Excited yet!


  1. I am looking and sorting and sifting. Can I? Can I really part with stuff? Does that make me a hoarder? Uh-Oh. I think stash-rehash will "out" me as a hoarder. Ssssh don't tell anyone. But I think I must make the wrench. Otherwise how will I justify the shopping. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

  2. You are obviously a shopper then and Stash reHash won't work without you!