Friday, November 6, 2009

Let's keep it seemly ladies

While out distributing posters and flyers for Stash reHash, someone told me about a great T-shirt they had seen an elderly woman wearing. It said "The winner is the one with the most fabric when she dies".

I love it, but I also love spreading the joy. Why just have one winner when we can all be winners I say! We'll have enough fabric (and yarn, buttons, patterns, zips, braid etc) for sale tomorrow at Stash reHash to make winners of all of us and hopefully we'll all behave ourselves so that there are no actual deaths on the day!

Arthritis NZ have so much amazing donated stuff that they will just keep replenishing their stall throughout the duration of the market. Some of my fabrics I've had for decades making me feel guilty about not getting to them, so if they are still in my face at 1pm they'll be seriously discounted. I know of at least one stall-holder who "just wants it gone!" as she is leaving town and planning new adventures.

So while it is exciting to get in at the beginning, I have a feeling that some of the best bargains will be had later in the day. So let's keep it seemly ladies. No craft terrorists please!

I just love the artwork pictured above. This "CRAFT TERRORIST LEATHER VEST + UTILITY BELT" was made by Wellington-based textile designer-maker, craft enthusiast and educator Genevieve Packer and was part of the Postmark exhibition at the Hirschfeld Gallery, City Gallery Wellington, 2005.
See you tomorrow.

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