Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Destashing Garage sale - Saturday 27th Feb, 8am, my place

With Ken Oath! away for the past few weeks I've been madly destashing our worldly goods in preparation for moving to another country.  I've single-handedly restocked the SuperShed, made valiant efforts on Freecycle, had a flurry of activity on Trademe and made pyjama runs to every red-lidded bin on the street at crack of dawn every Rubbishday morning. Despite all this my garage is still so full I can barely wade to my fabric stash to start sorting it out for Stash reHash.Drastic action is required. 

I am having a garage sale!
No fabric, but plenty of costume jewellery, retro homewares, clothes, shoes, handbags, more kitsch than you can poke a stick at and a few weird and wonderful "how the heck did that get into my house..." items. 

Plus TheShortFolk are having a toy stall.  They are already plotting what they are going to spend their millions on.  I feel a life-lesson looming...

Saturday 27th February
Aylesford St, which we say is in the suburb StAlbansShirleyMairehau, or if you are a real estate agent you'll know it as East Merivale East,
8am signs go out and doors open. I'm not saying the street number as some cheery soul always decides it is a great idea to arrive at 6am.  They tend to meet TheOtherDeidre. The one TheShortFolk refer to as BigChiefGrumpyPants.

Then when you are done at my place, head through the pathway near my house to a giant garage sale, craft stall, sausage sizzle, cake stall event over at the
Christchurch Football and Squash Club
9am-12 noon
250 Westminster St

Sadly TheNewMinimalistDeidre is going to have to resist going to that one.


  1. Hi, hope you had a fab day at the garage sale and your house and garage are now pleasantly de-cluttered...

  2. Thanks, yes I'd certainly call it a success. Corona has her bedroom back. And an item that nobody wanted for $1 is already up to $50 on Trademe!