Monday, February 1, 2010

Here we go again...Stash reHash is back!

This time around it has been like herding drunken monkeys to get everything arranged, but I'm happy to say the next Stash reHash fabric market will be held on Sunday 18th April, 11am - 2pm at the Scottish Society Hall in Edgeware (same venue as last time.)

If you are a shopper then put it in your diary, tell ten friends, your craft group and your Mum. Please.

If you would like to have a stall then please email me at with stall-holder in the subject line. I'll send you all the details. Old or new fabric, remnants to rolls, yarn, buttons, notions, haberdashery are all good and welcome!

Two stalls are already booked. Arthritis New Zealand will be back with a huge assortment of donated goods. And I've booked myself a stall as soon afterwards I'm leaving on a jetplane, don't know when I'll be back again. It finally is time to get seriously ruthless with my stash.

Well... unless any Lucienne Day fabric (as pictured above) turns up. I can think of quite a few household items I'd happily Freecycle to make room for a length of that in my shipping container!

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  1. I'm excited. I went to the last Stash Rehash and scored some great stuff, although I probably should try and use some of my current stash before April so I have some room for new things.