Friday, April 9, 2010

Arthritis New Zealand working bee - Helpers required

I'm not scared of fabric.  I'm also not scared of hard work.  However when I delivered some donated goods to Arthritis NZ and saw just how amazing the response to their request for donations has been, I quickly realised what a huge job it will be to sort and prepare their goods for sale.  This is an "all hands on deck" situation!

Arthritis NZ are having a working bee on
Sunday, April 11th, starting at 10am
and finishing, well, sometime before 11am on Sunday 18th April.  Just kidding.  Finishing mid-afternoon. If you are able to come along and help even for an hour or so at any stage during that time, then that would be fabulous.  Please email me on and I'll give you all the details of where to come and what to bring.

Pictured above is one corner of Arthritis NZ's stall at the last Stash reHash market in November last year just minutes before the hall doors opened.  What you can't see is the room behind their stall filled with many, many more boxes of fabric.  They constantly replenished their stall throughout the market.  Given that they have even more goods this time, they'll be doing the same again. 

So if turning up exactly on opening time, dealing with crowds or queueing isn't your cup of tea, then come to the market a wee bit later in the day.  At the last market there were great fill-a-bag deals from 1pm on Arthritis NZ's stall.  I met several very happy late-comers who had avoided the crush, had a relaxed shop and left with enormous armloads of fabric set to become playtents, curtains, whole-cloth quilts and bunting and all purchased at absolute bargain prices.  I wrote BYO shopping bag in some ads, but if you have a big job planned then BYO wheelbarrow. Or maybe trailer.


  1. Can't wait to come to the stash rehash!

  2. Phew! One person at least is coming. It is always like just before a party when I get convinced that nobody will come. Look forward to meeting you next week Christine.

  3. I've had a few people assuming that the working bee is at the Scottish Society Hall. It isn't. If you'd like to help just send me a message and I'll send you details.