Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Destashing - miscellaneous useful stuff

Do you ever see a Trademe seller and, by the composite of their listings, make up your mind what sort of person they are?  Do you ever save a Trademe seller as a favourite just to see if the item you guess they'll list next, they actually do list next? Oh, is that just me....

I've just listed some miscellaneous useful stuff on Trademe.  When I went back to cyber-stalk my own listings to see if anyone had looked at them (Must stop now.), I realised that I had become that clich√©! My listings tell a story and spookily that story is true. 

Yes it is true that I like to get home on my bike, flop down in the garden (actually on a bench-seat I made myself from a plan in a book but the photo didn't match) under my sun umbrella (so as to not get a tan), pop on a pair of mad vintage sunglasses, grab a funny old non-fiction book and say to TheShortFolk "play amongst yourselves!", then relax while they push each other into things on their go-kart, while indoors the cat scratches holes in a once-collectible rug and the vintage tablecloth sits forlornly on the dining table while no-one cooks the dinner. 

And looking at my own composite, perhaps my retro-is-a-bad-word friend is right and it is time to reinvent myself.  With all those $1s I'll be collecting in a week's time!

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