Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Destashing - 17 Vintage Metal Sewing Machines

No, it's not me destashing this time.  This stunning collection of vintage sewing machines is currently for sale on Trademe.  These are being sold by Jenafer from the Local Vanguard blog who does a sterling job promoting local events, businesses and miscellaneous interesting things.  The least we can do is help spread the word for her.

Imagine these in a crusty old museum (my favourite sort - the modern, shiny, all-singing, all-dancing museums make me feel like I'm an eight year old boy who hasn't taken his Ritalin.  Give me a wooden cabinet with treasure-filled shallow drawers any day). Imagine these being cared for and used by a retro craft group. Oh, imagine these displayed in a glass-fronted plywood cubby-hole cabinet on the back wall of a cool shop complete with their description tags.   

Time to stop imagining and start spreading the word; these beauties deserve a loving new owner.

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