Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do not iron

My favourite textile care label is "Do not iron".  It is the one care label I take very seriously.  But I always feel this label should have a qualifier, for example:
Do not iron; do something fun.
Do not iron; do something worthwhile.
Do not iron as it is a complete waste of your precious time.
Do not iron as it may be injurious to your mental health.

I am no Domestic Goddess but I find ironing the most trying of all household chores. While not usually one for violence, if anyone ever gave me an iron as a gift I'd probably find myself in a position where I'd need to deploy the legal defence of provocation. The only way I can bear to iron is while drinking wine and listening to loud, sweary music.

A recent houseguest had a very sad accident with my should-have-been-binned-a-decade-ago iron.  Before I remembered to warn him about this domestic White Dwarf he'd already melted an iron-shaped hole in his brand new shirt. He had to attend his business meetings sporting the I'm-currently-living-in-my-car look. 

After a week sporting the same look I've given in and bought a new iron. Any excuse for my weekly dose of wine and sweary music.


  1. We should start a club - I inherited my mothers 'I don't iron' genes. When she died and we cleaned out her wardrobe ALL her clothes (and there was a LOT of them) were non iron, she had nothing which would need an iron, ever! Now I have to iron my sons' school uniforms and boy do I get MAD when i find my lovingly iron shirts etc on their floor!! Grrrr :-) I also have to have a good movie on (and a glass of wine sometimes) otherwise I can't bring myself to get the beastly iron out. Love your blog and am looking forward to the next Stash Rehash

  2. After reading this I think we might be kindred housework spirits. I like wine and sweary music, but had never thought about using it to improve my mood while doing stupid ironing!