Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Destashing - The seriously big scary fabric shears

Some things are easy to destash.  Some, for various reasons, are a wee bit trickier.

My fabric and sewing supplies sorting was trucking along nicely the other day when I opened a box I hadn't opened for years but hadn't quite managed to part with.  Some items went into the Stash reHash pile, some went into the opshop pile, some went into the rubbish pile and some went into the rather too large Too Hard pile.  Something I put into the Too Hard pile were the two pairs of scissors above. 

One pair I had bought as part of the equipment requirements for the fashion and textiles course I did over 20 (!!!) years ago.  Being a little-goody-two-shoes I dutifully had my name engraved on them as instructed. Then found I was too much of a weakling to use these 13 inch long monsters on a regular basis and reverted to my small, zippy Solingens.  I won the second pair.  The award details plus my name is engraved on them.  I never used those shears either because they were incredibly sharp and, well, I'm a bit of a dreamer and I was convinced that if I daydreamed while using those they'd have my fingers off.  Basically I'm a weak, scaredy, sook. So both sets of shears were left to go stiff and rusty in the bottom of a cardboard box with only some "bargain" elastic (loses its ping if you say boo to it - now in the rubbish pile) for company.

Silly I know, but the reason I found destashing these shears too hard is because my name is on them.  I didn't want to be to someone else like Edith Brand is to me.  I felt I needed to hand these on personally.

Too much thinking + not enough action = cup of coffee required.  Naturally while having my coffee I wandered over to Blogland for a spot of muckingaround.  First I hopped over to visit Thoroughly Modern Miss Millie but got distracted by her list of Christchurch's crafty bloggers:  some are my friends, some I have met, but some were new to me.  I am quite nosy so I went and had a snoop.

And what do I find but a woman in Christchurch who loves and cares for her scissor collection and dreams of owning some enormous shears!  The tidyness of the situation was just too much for me.  By dinnertime that night my old shears had left their one careless lady owner and were safely in the hands of their lovely new careful lady owner!  I hope you enjoy them GretchenSometimes muckingaround in Blogland really is the best course of action.


  1. Great story...even better when followed up by reading Gretchen's story via the link. Gave me goosebumps.

    I'm a little concerned about the time of your post being 3.01am though...I thought destashing meant simplifying your life and therefore more time for sleeping!

  2. No need to worry. Blogger is American. This was written while the dinner was in the oven, and that certainly wasn't 3am!