Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stalls all sold

Yet again the just-let-women-tell-women/lie-back-and-let-the-interweb-do-its-magic/don't-try-to-curate-the-universe approach has come through with the goods.  All stalls at April's Stash reHash fabric market are now sold. 

What a fabulously eclectic bunch we are!  Stall-holders range in age from women in their twenties to women in their eighties.  Things we all have in common is our love of fabrics and handicrafts and a seeming inability to say NO when we see a wonderful fabricy thing.  Stall-holders have been tempting me silly with their descriptions of their wares.  All agree it is going to be a great day.  More details about individual stall-holders and their wares to follow soon.

Pictured aboved is some stunning donated vinyl fabric based on a Florence B. design.  I'm thinking saddlebags for my bicycle....  no, No, NO, I'm thinking de-stashing....

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