Saturday, March 13, 2010

GST procrastination - no time and no need

If you read this blog regularly you'll have noticed that there was no GST procrastination this month.  There was simply no time for my usual muckingaround.  We were like a super-efficient GST tag-team, then when it was done we ticked another dozen equally annoying things off our hallway-long, leaving-on-a-jetplane to-do list.

Plus I now have no need for fantasising about a new life in a mental dreamhome in an odd location.  I now know where my new life will be and I figure I'll just sort out the mental dreamhome when I get there.  I'll also need to sort out new schools, a brave new GP, unpack our worldly goods and replace the ones I rashly decided were too huckery to ship all the way there.  Once all that is ticked off, I'll get on with the real business of my new life in my new hometown.

Whenever I mention where we are moving to, people respond with "Oh, you'll love it. The beaches! The water sports!". I say "Ummm. Keep going..." Because as anyone who knows me knows, I like my beaches on postcards or viewed from the great indoors, and the mere thought of water sports (OK, any sport) makes me come out in a rash. Given that I have never been within a few thousand kilometres of my new hometown, a bit of research is in order to put my mind at rest that the things I love will also be on offer there. 

Firstly I consult a book from my waist-high pile of books selected for de-stashing: This is Australia by Miroslav Sasek.  All I discover is that I still love this series of books to bits and so put them back on the bookshelves.

So a quick trundle around Interwebland is required.  There I discover that a) given the climate, I can safely sell my huge stash of woollen fabrics and blankets at Stash reHash, b) sadly these days the blokes there don't dress as fancily as the Dad in Mr Sasek's illustration, c) I'll need to tune into the local real estate as the few houses I fancy there are described as bowlable redevelopment opportunities, and d) yes there are fabric shops, libraries, art galleries, markets and op-shops.  There is even an op-shop apparently desperate for staff...

Phew! Mandurah, Western Australia, here I come.  Well, after I've de-stashed myself of my fabrics, jobs, pets, worldly goods and current dreamhome that is.


  1. Wow! Exciting :) I can remember when Mandurah seemed like AGES away from Perth, now it's pretty much part of it!
    Western Australia is a beautiful place - you will love it. Once you are all settled in, you have to take a trip down to Margaret River. Best wine region, and gorgeous coast line. I was living there before I moved to NZ a few years ago.
    You definitely have to try "Candy Cow" fudge. There is a little town called "Cowaramup" that you pass through on the way to Margaret River that has the fudge factory. Loads of different flavours and all are DELISH!
    When are you moving there?
    Kylie :)

  2. Thanks Kylie, you've got me all excited about it. We leave in early June but wish I could just blink and be there now!